Heavenly Hamper Co: Our Story (so far!)

Hi there! Welcome to Heavenly Hamper Co! We're Sara, Angie and Tom and it's so lovely to have you here reading this! Writing this is me, Sara. Angie is my wonderful Mum and Tom is my lovely Fiancé.

I suppose our story first starts back in May 2022, when I finished university with a Law degree (woo!) Despite this achievement, having taken some time to evaluate my true goals, passions and dreams, I soon realised what I would truly wish to do in life was something much more creative. I'd always loved making gifts for others and have always been quite an 'artsy' person. Drawing, crafting and designing was when I felt happiest within myself. I struggle a lot with anxious feelings and a 'bad brain,' and doing something hands on always helped to quieten my mind.

Through lots of support and encouragement from family, I opened 'Heavenly Hamper Co' in hopes of creating gorgeous hampers with unique self-designed gifts alongside thoughtfully selected and lovingly handmade self-care items. Hampers which are perfect for a gift to another, for absolutely any occasion, season or reason. Fast forward to today and Heavenly Hamper Co is flourishing thanks to all our wonderful customers. So much so that my wonderful Mum and amazing Fiancé have since joined me on this adventure too 🤍

Most recently, we have expanded into our own little Heavenly HQ (the room at home just wasn't quite cutting it anymore!) We absolutely LOVE it here and it means we're able to spend even more time doing what we love; creating in a more organised environment instead of struggling to squeeze past each other in a tiny room!

If you got this far, thank you so much for reading our small businesses story and do have a little browse.

Best wishes,
The Heavenly Hamper Co Team x